Managing Feedback

Learn to start collecting and organizing your feedback with Feedbump.


Projects are spaces for each of your feedback pages. All feedback will be attached to each project and will help keep your feedback organized.

Feedback Pages

Each project comes with one Feedback Page. Multiple rewards pages can be configured in the project viewport.

Sharing Feedback Pages

To share your Feedback Page, copy the Feedback Page link in the "Share Feedback Page" tile.

Collecting and Managing Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be managed from the project viewport. Once you have feedback, you will be able to sort, filter, and apply status updates on all feedback posts.

Feedback Rewards

Feedback rewards allow you to reward your customers for their user feedback. Rewards can be provided in the form of links, messages, and more.

Press the "Create Button" to create your Feedback Rewards Page.

  • Reward Name: The name of your Rewards Page (Internal use only)

  • Reward Description: Description of your reward.

  • Completion Reward: What happens when a customer completes your Feedback Form?

  • URL/Message/Promo Code: What is the reward value that is given to the user.

Managing and Configuring Feedback

Feedback can come in many different ways. Feedback categorization in Feedbump allows you to sort, filter, and act upon customer feedback.

Setting Feedback Statuses

Feedback Statuses can be set on a per-feedback basis. The following statuses can be set on feedback:

  • None

  • Reviewing - This feedback is currently being discussed or considered.

  • In Progress - The implementation of this feedback is in progress

  • Complete- The implementation or consideration of this feedback is done

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